World Within Word
c: Addonlife
y: 2017

Language is a fundamental element of our life. We communicate with our surroundings though words, symbols or physical objects in order to establish a relationship with other human beings. World Within Words exhibition is an ode to this globalised times. Thought to be an expedition to a new vocabulary world, where constructed language becomes the main material for reaching new spaces and objects.

Besides the exhibition itself, the design process is revealed by unfolding the publication that follows the project. Working as an instruction manual, the World Within Words publication is a compendium where all the thoughts, methods and planning are deconstructed and explained. A medium that is thought to break the wall between the spectator and the creator, making World Within Words a format for exchange knowledge and thoughts. This process was successful at the opening of the exhibition, where the guests revealed a different way of understanding the exhibition by the moment they where provided with the publication. Working at the same time as a tool for start a conversation or a exchange of ideas, the publication also releases open questions for each ones interpretation and understanding. Becoming at this moment an integral part of the exhibition, as the one who read it, appropriates and therefore, also owns the exhibition itself.