WWW exhibition
c: Sunway
y: 2017

World Within Words Exhibition is language manipulation design exhibition develop by Sergio Alves e Henrique Nascimento in and for Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).
Language is a fundamental element of our life. We communicate with our surroundings though words, symbols or physical objects in order to establish a relationship with other human beings.

In a time of a globalised world, with culture, identity and history being shaped by the crossing of so many cultures, the medium that connects us all is becoming a main factor to define our existence. World Within Words Exhibition is a ode to this globalised times. Thought to be an expedition to a new vocabulary world, where constructed language becomes the main material for reaching new publics as well as new spaces and objects. As a result, a constellation of new words emerge, along with new definitions and objects ready for enter in our inner sphere of communication, interpretation and understanding. They define the new everyday.