The Zero Hotels
c: Mainside
y: 2018

The Zero Hotels is a hotel chain which refurbishes old buildings with the help of a modu­lar system to create distinctive interiors. The first hotel of this kind was built in a former bank building in Porto, where wooden boxes serve as minimalist guest rooms. The design approach for the visual identity picks up the cubist aes­thetics of these capsule rooms. Based on straight and simple lines, the custom font also reflects the geometry of their architectural style. Consistent with the typography, the iconography and all other design elements were also created for size­ independent positioning. 

Architecture: Gonçalo Queirós
creative and project manager: Joana Gomes
art direction: Sérgio Alves
designer: Cátia Lima, Sérgio Alves
with collaboration: José Cardoso
type designers: Joana Correia, Natanael Gama
web design: João Jesus, Frederico Sarmento
production: Minerva, Tommasino
website: The Zero Hotels

awards: Red Dot Award, Graphis Silver Award, Communication Arts 19, CCP Bronze Award