Millennials Exhibition
c: Galeria Municipal do Porto
y: 2019

The design of  Millennials exhibition springs up from a conceptual laboratory of experimentation and thought which tried to bring to the discussion the several players of the exhibition from the curator team, to the creative actors, the production and institutional partners.
This project aimed to reflect and seek for solutions to the environmental and waste problems that the mounting a temporary exhibition like this carries out. As we stand in the period of Anthropocene, in profound transformation, decadence and conflict, it seems to me essential that a suggestion for expositive design, for an exhibition about the New Millennium Design be able to interpret the projects in the exhibition and offer a wrapping that goes beyond the aesthetics and that conceptually emphasizes the designers social, economic, political and ecological concerns, thus assuming the exhibition itself as a statement.
Therefore, a wall creates the space and offers a sequential reading of the exhibit, taking us to an idea of city through its architectural character which is the place where the daily design happens. To build this up I looked for a recycled or recyclable material prioritizing its reusable feature, having in mind different time frames from the origin of the matter to the mounting of the exhibition and even a second life of the materials used in the exhibit. – Tiago Casanova

exhibition as part of Porto Design Biennal
curator: José Bártolo
assistant curator: Raquel Pais
graphic design: Sérgio Alves, Cátia Lima
exhibition design: Tiago Casanova
photography: Paulos dos Sousa
production: Sign
loca: Galeria Municipal do Porto