A Garden at Night
c: Rampa
y: 2020

As a boy, the German artist Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948), had a garden that was destroyed by neighboring children. That event led Schwitters to an epileptic crisis that left him bedridden for two years. Based upon this tragic story, A Garden at Night explores the relation between body and landscape through concepts of trauma, performance and writing. It is divided into two walks, both formally demarcated. One is a mirrored accordion-folio with an interplay between several artistic illustrations and poetic sentences; the other is composed of four texts written by four authors: Allen S. Weiss, Pedro Pousada, Nancy Perloff and Tiago Madaleno. This book is part of the exhibition with the same title that happened at RAMPA (Porto, Portugal) supported by the City of Porto. It reflects upon some of the exhibition’s main topics: the Garden, the life and work of Kurt Schwitters and the concept of Text Expanded into Space.

Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 1,3 cm
Edition: Edições Rampa
Autor: Tiago Madaleno
Texts: Allen S. Weiss, Nancy Perloff, Pedro Pousada e Tiago Madaleno
Editor: Nuno de Campos
Revion: Vera Carmo
printer: Gráfica Maiadouro
print run: 200 copies
ISBN: 978-989-33-0991-9
Idioma: English